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Video Poker

Video poker is one of the latest inclusions in both online casinos and in land-based casinos. It's a new way of playing poker that allows players to play against a machine instead of sitting at a card table with other players. The video poker undoubtedly takes advantage of modern technology and offers player’s hours of entertainment. It's definitely easier to play than traditional poker but you need to know a little about the rules of video poker before you play.

Video Poker Rules

Since video poker is one of the online card games that are practiced from a computer, most of the procedure is based on pushing buttons. Its steps are:

1. You have to insert money into the machine. If you want to play video poker online, then you will have to do is open an account and deposit money to start. NOTE: Remember that some online casinos bonus gifts or reward by the use of alternative payment methods.

2. Press the button "Deal" and is dealt their playing cards.

3. Once you've leafed through his letters, remove those that do not help and press the button to deal the cards. Pressing the button "hold" will stay with those letters.

4 Repeat this procedure while you are playing to comply with the rules of video poker, and when you want to stop playing, it only remains to collect the money earned by pressing the "Return Credit" (or Cash out).

Video Poker Rules: A round of Double Payment

Within the rules of video poker, you should be aware of the possibility of doubling the money it is played. To do this you have to be playing variant Draw Poker. To double the money must have reached the second round, which in English is called "Double Playoff Round."

From the beginning, if you see that doubling the money is risky thing for you, simply proceed to leave the game. However, if you venture to the second round, you must follow these steps:

• The Video poker machine will show their cards and the machine will turn one of them. Your bet will be to see if the card shows the machine will be higher than the pool.

• Then, if so and the house shows a letter greater than is face up, then so easily double your money and you can be happy. However, if it is not, and is lower loses, and if equal, would lead to a tie and not lose anything... but neither would win.

In order to play and win video poker must know very well the rules of video poker and have good strategies. Above all, you need to know the winning hands that are presented to you on our introduction to video poker.

Some casinos offer the ability to play progressive jackpots, or cumulative. That's why we should look if your casino video poker has this opportunity because the boats cumulative concern that there are many machines that contribute to the same boat, therefore, the chances of winning large sums of money increases.