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The Advantages of Live Dealer Casinos

First, there were the advantages of using an online casino instead of going out in the closest casino in town to have some fun. Now, it is all about the live dealer casinos, which is like going to a casino but, at the same time, staying at home in your favorite chair and with your favorite liquorish drink in your hand. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t think that a stressful situation with all the commodities makes you a better thinker that the pressure of being in a real casino, surrounded by unknown people and different annoying features? If you haven’t tried yet an online casino that uses live dealers, here is your chance of finding out all the advantages this new technology has to offer, how you can make the best out of them and, most of all, what it has to offer and a normal online casino can.

Real-time playing – when you play online against other players but with a random generator as dealer, it is a little bit difficult to trust entirely the software used. However, when playing with live dealers you can actually see the dealer that turns those cards or spins that roulette wheel just like you would be there.

The casino environment – even though behind you is your room, right in front of your eyes you will see the dealer, players, you will have the sound of a real casino and even the background of a real casino. If you choose wisely the software, you can even chat with the live dealer in the meantime.

Chatting – besides talking with the dealer, you can also talk with the other players. There are some platforms that support chatting between players even if they do not have live dealers, but it is an entire different story when you can see your opponents and also discuss with them.

No pressure – another advantage of the live dealers is that you don’t have to keep wiping your forehead for the pressure drops a game might give you. You can enjoy the experience from a real casino but without the pressure the eyes of the opponents might lay upon you. And let’s not forget about the privacy of not having someone judging your decision at every step.

Security – almost all of the online casinos are offering high levels of protection when it comes to gambling. If you get an online casino certified by eCOGRA, you can lay back and enjoy your game knowing that all your winning will come directly into your account.

Comfort – at first you were assured that you will live in the comfort of your house, but that’s not the only advantage. Imagine how you can think big at your poker hand without the chatting around the room, the noise made by the glasses filled with alcohol or the smoke from the cigars. Sound great, doesn’t it?

Low costs and high bonuses – if you need to go to a casino in your town think of all the costs involved: the taxi, the suit, the drinks at the casino and so on, but if you enjoy a live dealer casino, none of the above will be a problem. Furthermore, some online casinos that have live dealers also offer bonuses once you make an account or pick a certain table.

Speed– in a real casino you would have to wait for every thinker at the table to make his or her bets. Well, when it comes to online casinos you need to press all sorts of buttons, which is also time consumer. Once you enjoy a good casino game with a live dealer, everything goes faster due to the dealer who sees it all and knows it all. The time you had to wait for everybody is long gone!

Calculating odds – if you are a thinker and you like to calculate all the possible odds, you can do that with a live dealer. It will be easier, especially if you are wearing your favorite pajamas and have your thinker glasses on.

Getting better – playing with real people and having a real dealer is different from playing with generators and virtual characters. You can become better, gain some casino social skills and make the best out of it when you actually decide to go to a real casino.