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Progressive Slots

What is difference between a regular slot machine and a progressive one? We will assume that everyone knows what a slot machine is so let us just talk about our friendly progressive game.

A progressive game is designed to add an extra thrill, called the big jackpot. These jackpots now are well into the multi-millions of dollars in land based casinos, and over a million in online sites. These games are generally networked and planned at multiple sites to allow for the game ‘brand’ to grow in popularity and to increase the cumulative jackpot with everyone being able to play the game across the different casinos.

Example we have a game entitled Dollar it is played at casino 1, casino 2 and casino 3. Assume three coins is the maximum slot bet at Dollar and the players deposit is distributed as follows. The wager or bet is then distributed as follows. One coin goes to the house, the other coin goes to the jackpot and the other coin goes to reseeding the game in the event of a winner. Let’s discuss this element last.

Basically for each bet the jackpot ticker above the game is continually growing as more players wager and do not win. That second coin is vital to growing the jackpot prize as this is what really turn people on to playing the slot game. The higher the jackpot the more excitement that grows as the jackpot reaches a huge amount. Good players also know that the jackpot has to be won sometime and that it can be won at anytime. A jackpot could be one at a low level or with the jackpot in the millions; it all comes back to the random setup of the game.

The third coin that is wagered is set aside for when the progressive jackpot is won. When a jackpot is won then the progressive ticker does not reset itself to zero, what would be the distinction as it relates to playing a progressive game or not. Players need to be thrilled and the jackpot ticker does that so a lot of the games are re-seeded automatically when a jackpot is won and the game restarts itself with a healthy jackpot already in place. Sure one can ask when the house as saved enough to reseed the game then what happens to the seed or third coin. Well my guess would be the third coin goes to our friend the casino operator.

So why play a progressive game, for the thrill of winning a huge jackpot. These jackpots do get won by folks like you and me so if I had my choice progressive slot or not, well I like the extra juice on playing a slot game that DOES have a progressive.