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Live Casino Games

Live Roulette - The oldest and most popular of all casino games roulette live has attracted many a player throughout history with its wonderful wheel and wide range of bets. It’s an easy to play game and the software shows you the odds on each bet. You can play on the regular table for free or for small bets and for those with cash to spare high roller roulette tables are available. The video window shown opposite is a sample of this fine game in action. The video window even detaches from the main screen so you can watch in full screen mode.

Live Baccarat

If you feel lucky live casino games like baccarat will most certainly test your luck. This is a game for the high rollers and it’s also known as punto banco, two hands of cards are dealt out and gamblers must make a choice and bet on a tie or the player or dealer to win. The winner is the closest to a nine once all the cards are out. In this card game picture cards and 10's are counted a nothing, Aces are counted as 1 and all other cards are face value. You can find the full rules for this game by clicking help on the live games console.

Live Blackjack

More commonly called pontoon and 21 in the UK live Blackjack at the live casino is played in several ways. They have a basic strategy blackjack and an early payout game which is both designed to help to the player. The aim of this game is to add the total of your cards together and get as near to the total of 21 as you can. However there is more to this game than simply adding your cards as blackjack contains a few twists along the way, for example two identical dealt out cards may be split and played as two hands.

Live Texas Holdem Bonus

Played between the hours of 1pm to 12am (GMT) this variation of Texas Hold'em poker is played in the style of a heads up or one on one game with you against the dealer. Blinds or Ante's must be placed before play and after the initial two cards are dealt out you are allowed to bet or check. Unlike most other games of holdem this live version has a timer with it so players must make a choice before the timer runs out. The winner is decided by the strength of the hand at the end of the game with the best winning.