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Learn to Play Roulette

If you are interested in learning to play Roulette and become a bit more comfortable with the game, both at a land based casino and when you play online, you've come to the right place! In this guide, we will review how the game works, what is available for different variants of Roulette, what the game is about, different betting systems, odds, myths and other facts that are of interest to you who want to get started playing Roulette!

No matter what variant of Roulette you play, the basic game is still the same; the lens is still the same simply. The game is based on the fact that a game ball is spinning around in a wheel that has a certain number of numbers. Then, before winning the game, you have to guess where the ball should land and place bets on a single number or whole groups who think the ball should land on.

Betting System for Online Roulette

You can use a variety of betting systems when it comes to Roulette, much because the margin is just as small and the math in the game is quite simple. Combining gaming systems with Even Money games can provide a truly interesting experience, but we want to remind you that there is no system in the world that gives you a mathematical advantage in Roulette, the bank will always have a edge and just why you should not expect to win long term on Roulette.

The first game system we want to cover is Martingale, this is the most famous game system that's out there, and doubles every time you lose. If in a sequence of Martingale you continue doubling until you win, you will eventually win exactly as much as you initially bet. However, this is not a completely waterproof solution because you lose your entire bankroll in the few situations you can no longer afford to double, even if this does not happen at all, it hurts more on the bankroll when it happens, as opposed to one common loss.

Another system, which is what we here at online casinos recommend, in short, that you increase your winnings, and reduce it at a loss. This is one of those strategies that are not quite as radical as Martingale, but it still works very well and can season to a session by giving bigger wins on a hot streak, as well as minor losses if you have any bad rounds.