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The Black-Jack, undoubtedly one of the most popular games of chance that are present in most of the casinos, real or virtual around the globe, also one of my favorites, by the simplicity of his game, the tension generates and the safety and coldness that the player must have the time to get down to work. The primary objective of Blackjack is, as we all know to add 21 to it will have the values of the cards as their numbers indicate, except the figures, which are worth ten and aces are worth one or eleven, according to the convenience of the player in the hand where they occur. If you can just add twenty-one the first two letters, proclamations, you automatically win the hand for having what is called itself "Blackjack." If you’re lucky you give the gift of having prestigious TWENTY-the first two cards charged by three to two with based on what you bet, but be a tie between the croupier and the gambler, the hand loses value and none of the two succeeds.

There are some terms you should remember when playing blackjack, as is the "bend" where you put a bet on the first letter and another letter is added above the two that have already been dealt, in some This move is permitted casinos on any card or if the first two add up to a score of nine, ten or eleven. On the other hand we have what is known as "Separate" which refers to the situation where the first two cards are of equal numerical value spread, in this case the punter can, if you want to open two different games, adding a bet. Above each of the letters referred to a new place and then the player will try to develop two games independently. Then we found what is called "Secure" is a bet that will believe that the house-Jack Black, as their first card is an ace.

Blackjack Rules

You can play with multiple decks of cards, depending on the casino. No matter how many players are on the table, you always play against the "dealer or distributor. The object is to get 21 points or get closer to your opponent without exceeding that number.

Before playing, you place your bet on the table. Then the "dealer deal two cards to each player and two for himself, one of the letters of" dealer "is displayed face up.

You must play your cards before the dealer. If your first card to have a "Blackjack" (As Figure) desire directly, if the dealer does not have the same play, in this case we will return your bet. If you did not have the luck to get the "Blackjack" you have several options:

* Continuing with your bets and keep playing until you get 21 points or get as close as possible without breaking. You can order more cards, or plant yourself whenever you want.

* Divides your bet: if you have two identical cards can split the bet and separate the cards into two different games, calling cards separately. In the case of the two identical cards are Aces only give you one more card for each bet?

* Double your bet: if you think you have a good hand you can double your initial bet. The "dealer" only gives you one more card in this case.

* You say your bet: if you think the dealer has Blackjack you can secure your bet and give up half your bet. If it is true that has the "Blackjack" regain your initial bet, if not you miss half the initial. Not usually opts for the latter.

After completing your move is the bank that plays their cards to try or get 21 points. As a rule the Banker must draw more cards when the sum of your first two cards of 16 or less and stand on 17 or more.

The "Blackjack" with your first two cards is paid 3-2 win more than half the bet directly. The rest of the moves paid won 1-1.